Frankie Lindsey


517 S Commerce St Geneva, AL 36340‎

(334) 684-9500



Thank you for taking the time to visit our website for the City of Geneva.  As you know, this is my first time holding public office as an elected official.  I’m honored to serve as your mayor.


The City is beginning to show some growth, thanks in no small part to the hard work and dedication of our City Council and one of the best city government staffs you will find in Alabama or nationwide.  Together, we will work to ensure that growth in both the residential and business sectors continue and do not stagnate.


As a small business owner, I am keenly aware that a city needs businesses of all sizes, big and small to be a healthy and vibrant community that attracts both visitors and new residents.  I will work diligently to ensure Geneva welcomes job creating companies to the area as well as the small, independently owned shops, eateries and services.  Our business community is a vital part of our city as a whole.  We have achieved a lot since January 2017.  As we laid the ground work within our strategic plan to make Geneva a leading county seat city that embraces the future and builds on the past, where human well-being and the environment are priorities, where the community feels valued, heard and understood and where City Hall is trusted.  We will continue to work with you to create a city that is livable, affordable, prosperous and vibrant, where we all work in partnership to create and seize opportunities and get things done.


When preparing this year’s budget, the City Council will review the progress made in 2016-2017, measure our success and note where progress had been slower than forecasted.  Council will align the strategic plan with the budget to ensure that the plan clearly outlines where the city is focusing its efforts that lead to clear outcomes and holds us accountable so that we deliver on what we said we would do.


This year, we will continue to focus investments in areas you told us are important.  We are improving our parks and recreational facilities and will be working with you to plan for future facilities and park amenities.  Our facilities and our public spaces exist to support community wellness and social inclusion and it’s important you help shape them for greater use.


As your Mayor, and on behalf of the entire City Council, it is a pleasure to serve you.  We have great opportunities before us as a community, and we look forward to continuing to work with you to deliver on strategic plan objectives that create prosperity, well-being and happiness.



Thank you,


Mayor Frankie Lindsey